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Deloitte: A Company of the Future for Innovative Minds

Hello fellow Villanova students. While I am excited to be sharing my first ever blog post with you all, I am just as excited about how intriguing the topic of my first post is. I recently attended the Deloitte presentation, during which they broke down and explained their artificial intelligence practice, and how they plan to become an industry leader in providing analytics and insightful information using artificial intelligence (AI). Although I had a slight understanding of all that AI could be applied to, just the applications that I was exposed to in this presentation gave me a completely new perspective as to what the true potential of effective AI truly is. The Deloitte presentation gave me a small taste as to what the future of our business world holds, and from what I learned, I am very excited to both experience that bright future and inform all of you about it so that just maybe, you can become as ecstatic as I am about what’s to come.

First, allow me to explain what Deloitte does as a company and it’s mission. Deloitte is a consulting firm that uses AI to help other world leading companies and organizations gain insight and solve problems regarding customer satisfaction, financial history and projection, human resourcing, information technology, operation analysis, and digital risk management. Deloitte defines AI as an umbrella term that encompasses many capabilities and technologies, including machine learning, big data, cognitive learning, and much more. The company clientele that they possess is very diverse, reaching across many different industries such as the energy, financial services, government and public services, life sciences and healthcare, and technology/media industries. The ultimate goal of Deloitte is to be the number one market leader in providing AI powered company analytics so that clients can solve their most prominent and pressing issues.

After explaining the basic mission of their company, the Deloitte representatives went on to speak about the general skill set of a Deloitte employee and what makes an integrated AI team. To have a successful, smooth operating integrated AI team, each member must have a different set of specialized skills while also all having the same base knowledge about the systems they are operating. A fully functional team would include data scientists, behavioral scientists, data architects, design specialists, technology engineers, and business specialists. All of these components working together for a well-oiled machine of an AI team. This clear cut setup for the human resourcing component of their business is what puts Deloitte at the top of the heap, as they were rated number one in “completeness of vision” and “ability to execute” by Gartner Analytics this year. Deloitte’s access to cutting edge tools and cutting edge people gives them a huge competitive advantage and allows them to continue to display the awesome power that AI data analytics holds in our world today.

Beyond what Deloitte’s business capability is, the heart of their success lies in the morals the firm holds close. Deloitte believes in employee agility, the concept that current employees should always be looking to expand their horizons and introduce themselves to new concepts. Inclusion is a centerpiece of Deloitte’s moral code as well, as they want to create the most comfortable environment for new ideas and different perspectives to be introduced. This leads to innovation, which is the backbone of Deloitte’s ideology. Since the company is at the forefront of introducing AI data analytics, it is crucial that they keep looking to innovate for the sake of the industry. Lastly, well-being is a key part of the success of Deloitte, so that all who work for the company can continue to perform at their highest level, only raising the potential for company success.

All in all, the potential that a company like Deloitte has cannot be measured, as they are exploring an industry that we have only just begun to discover. That is why Deloitte could be an intriguing place to work for young minds like ours. They encourage innovation and diversity, which are values that our generation holds very close. As a young Villanova business student myself, I can say it is presentations like this that make me so excited to be a student here, and even more excited for the opportunities that I will be presented with during my time here. I hope you all feel the same way I do.


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